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Friday, August 2, 2013

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Save our Children!

I am still fired up and motivated to assist in keep our Young Black men alive! After the Trayvon Martin's case, smdh.... I was determined to make a difference! We are responsible for what we instill in our children both boys and girls. Have a hear to heart with your children and inform them that black children, males especially are "Open Season." There are people out there who carries evil and hatred inside their hearts and heads. There are psychopaths who does not care if your child lives or dies. Simply put they don't care! Our children needs to have constructive things to do with that extra time besides hanging in the streets! It is our job to instill inside of the morals and values and common sense.... As I listen to the verdict my first thought was, "This verdict is going to allow people to kill our kids and then holler self-defense." No sooner more black youths were gunned down, "Stand Your Ground Law" need a serious revision.. There should be other alternatives made to protect our youths! Some of my friends agreed and some didn't, I lost some and I gained others either way we are all entitled to our opinions I just don't have to agree! So my question to you is " What are you going to do to make a difference?" I'm not talking about the young men who want to walk around shooting each other and people just for the hell of it, because if they commit the crime I feel they should do the time. Do we turn our backs on them? No we reach out to them and try to impress on them a better way of living... Support! Support! support! Is the key... Motivate to Inspire and take an interest in our youths both the good and the bad... We can make a difference!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's been a Minute....Ok Maybe even longer!

As you may or may not know I am a Survivor of domestic Abuse... Now the shit has hit the fan and my abuser aka former Girlfriend is freaking out because the state has picked up the charges. I know that the state at times have to protect the victim from the abuser and also from themselves emotions are running and love is not erased so easily. Still I am angry because before any of this happened I begged and pleaded with her to stop! Go get some counseling do something to stop this! She never did until it was too late! It's amazing how a person wants you to help them get out of a mess that they could have avoided getting into..It's in God's Hands now!