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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Unspoken Anger....

I sit back and replay all of the wrong that has been done in my life, believing and hoping that others are somewhat like me and that way of being is honets and reliable. Growing up and maturing you find that people don't always do as they say they will and it amazes me at the audacity a person has to place their needs before another's . I know you're thinking that she is tipping hard expecting someone to place her needs before theirs. The fact is that when you are asked and when you agree to do something then its simple do it!I know I take the blame of trusting and relying on some, when I should infact place my trust in God! Mistake #1 I try my best to support and encourage others who are striving to better and enrich their lives in a positive way. I am kind and sweet to all that cross my path but what I have learned is that people will disappoint you! Whatever happened to the standup people of the world!
I guess you know by now that I am very upset with someone for not doing what they agreed to do and now because they didn't see or care that my situation was as important as theirs I am forced to endure some uncomfortable situations! It sucks! and it bothers me. I am not rich and I only receive money from the royalty that my books makes me when they sell! I work a job and I struggle everyday like the next person but I have decided to do the process of elimination and DISMISS individuals out of my life who has proven to me that they are not trustworthy! I don't think that I should be the one constantly calling to see whether or not the other person has done what they should have many months ago! Okay now that I've ranted!

I am in the process of working on my third book! I know, I know!! I am taking on many things as I prepare to do an extensive Marketing and Promoting Strategy! All in the name of my books and soon to be Publishing Company! Distracted by everyday life's obstacles I have been blessed with adequate income that will afford me to do so!! I thank God for the spirit of discernment! I thank God for my strength and will to overcome and to keep moving forward! People who think that they are getting over on me are only making it harder for themselves! In ending know the people who you decide to allow into your space! DON'T GET MAD ... SUE THEM!!

Be Blessed
Angela Wilson