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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Then there's this idiot!

Why would she say this? My guess is these are feelings that she has been keeping inside for sometime now. The disrespect does not surprise me white American have been disrespecting the President since he took office! Still the children are off limits! This just goes to show that it doesn't matter what position you hold White America will continue to look down on us..

If Only....

It's Time for Change...

     Living out the past year's tragedies, I sit back and just wonder what will it take to bring about change? We are living in a world where too many turn a blind eye to what is really going on right in front of our eyes. genocide of our young black males at the hands of the people who took an oath to protect and serve ( the police) also known as the KKK!

The Enemy
     Once again a policeman gets away with murder by simply stating five words " I feared for my Life!" Now if this grown as man feared for his life what do you think the 18 year old felt?
My spirit was stirred up during the Trayvon Martin case when that scum  I won't give him the energy of writing his name was set to go free but at least he was made to have to face the court. Now Micheal Brown killer goes free also.
Some say these young men brought this on themselves of course I disagree and after hearing witnesses and researching these killings I will continue to disagree with them. Now every white person will use this defense" They feared for their lives." Black people have been harboring that kind of fear for centuries, welcome to the fear.
We are now convinced that it's open season for hunting and killing blacks, police are continuing to misuse their authority and because they have a badge that they hide behind their evil deeds are justified.

No Unity
     We were given an opportunity following the verdict in the Micheal Brown case to come together for a cause and make a difference by Protesting Black Friday and there were many all over the United States who supported this movement but as I stroll my timeline on FB I saw people, black people who were out shopping and spending money! Where was the Unity and Support, many knowingly and unknowingly just relinquished the only power that they possessed by going out spending money. The weak minded who thought they were really getting a sale not knowing that they actually purchased it for the price that it would originally be sold for. Yes the items are priced to make you think you are getting this great deal!  I grieve for my brothers and sisters who are caught up in the idea of the American Dream only because the "American Dream" never included us! We are simply seen as animals, savages, ignorant and undeserving people, what we acquire through our lives is only a crumb from the pie which whites have the privilege of tasting. We will never succeed in making a positive change until we all come together for the same cause. I know some may say that their lives are too busy to get involved in something like that. Then there are others who thinks that this kind of treatment is only toward a certain kind of people within the culture.  
It doesn't make a difference! 
Let's not forget the other group " As long as it's not me or my family." Now those they get under my skin because you are basically saying that until it involves you or your family is the only time you would step up and seek justice, not cute.
No one unless they have lost a child can relate to the pains of the mothers who lost their unarmed sons at the hands of a police officer.
Time for Change
    We have to start to fight and speak out on the injustices that are slowly taking the black men that the system don't already have locked up. I have seen comments about the people of Ferguson looting and people speaking about how embarrassed they were. The people of Ferguson are tired, they are hurting and they are in fear of their lives. The fact of the matter is the government has been looting us for years but no one complains about that! Racism as much as many people want to deny still exists and with all the unjustified killings by white Americans and white police officers they are getting bolder and bolder and getting away with it. They are hiding behind the laws, so now we know we must first work on changing the laws. We must work with local and state officials to get these laws changed and create new laws to address what's going on now. We must talk to our children and let them know that these people don't care about their lives. It may be uncomfortable but it's necessary! 
We must redirect our ways and our children ways of thinking, we must introduce them to positive music and television the media is used to distract and corrupt the minds of our young people, it influences them in a way we may never understand. 
You can start by doing small things to show your protest and your support for the cause, we are stronger and much more powerful than we know, we are no longer the minority but the Majority! We have a Voice! We have rights whether or not white America wants to acknowledge that! We built this country!