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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Well I am back and this time I am naked....Truth has to be told! I am 41 year old woman, who just so happens to be an author of Erotica books but my book also touch on issues like Domestic Abuse.. I am a victim of Domestic abuse and have been for the last year or so...why hmmmm I have no idea why I put up with it... Why I allowed it I am still working on figuring that part of it out! Did I sign up for it? No... Some friends and family know of this but not my immediate family...sisters and mom. You see I am the strong one, who holds everything together... I rise above all obstacles. So I thought at first I was convinced that her being possessive and jealous was cute! That was until she put her hands on me, a lot of people who know me knows that when I was younger that if someone hit me I was headed to Tulane and blinking!! I grew older wanted someone to call my own, she wanted a punching bag! You may say ..why didn't you call the police..I did but they didn't take my situation serious...2 women in a relationship one is younger , one older...You get the picture. I lost more than my self respect while with her, I LOST ME!! Friends, Family ....everything! In the end she was unfaithful and instead of walking away and leaving me alone she continued to come around break windows and bring drama to my door... I never told anyone because of embarrassment, she should have been embarrassed to treat me the way she did... but she wasn't see the abuser always place blame on someone else..I hit you because you made me mad or you made me do it! Abusers are really cowards!! They are people who are out of control in their own lives, unhappy, unsatisfied just miserable. I woke up and remembered who I am and whose I am .....Found my strength and put my self esteem back in tact oh yes she tried to break me down but what she didn't know is the fact that I am a survivor and what does not kill me only makes me stronger.... I know that there was a big age difference but I felt maybe she is MATURE for her age after all she has a baby now.... I went thru a lot but sometimes you have to go thru something to get to something.... Now I've gone thru that for the first and last time.. She's not worth me going to jail!