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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beginning Another Chapter!!

It's 2011!! Happy New Year!!! I am so excited about the New Year that I have been Blessed to See!! Looking at the world with a different outlook and making sure that I surround myself with only Positive and Encouraging people...

Take hold of your Dreams...Any and All things are possible! Concentrate on being Thankful for what you have instead of Complaining about what you do not have... Why would God Bless you with more when you're not Satisfied with what you already have?

This year will be a Year of renewing, rejuvenating and realizing all that I am and none of what I am NOT!!

Don't Allow other to Dictate or Define who you ARE!! We were all born to reach different and Amazing Goals in LIFE!! Take the time to Discover your Purpose...

It's Time for you to Be a Leader not a follower..Don't You Think? It's Time for you to work toward making your Dream come true...

It's Time for you to Elevate yourself!!!

It's Time for you to Write the next Chapter in your LIFE!!

Jazmine Sullivan .....Is She Quitting Music or just Taking a Break!

Looking at twitter I spotted Jazmine Sullivan's tweet, stating that she was taking a break from music!! So young one can image what she is going through in a quest to find herself!! She assures her fans that this is not permanent but for now this is something that she need to do...

We Love you Jazmine and what ever you decide to do ....Remember to enjoy your Life!!!