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Sunday, December 12, 2010

She's Breaking Hearts..Her Dad's Heart!! Miley Cyrus

It appears that Miley Cyrus has finally broken her father's achy breaky heart with her latest exploits.

In light of the shocking video of the "Can't Be Tamed" singer smoking the legal but potent drug salvia that surfaced on TMZ this morning, Miley's father, Billy Ray Cyrus, took to his Twitter account to express his dismay and disappointment.

The elder Cyrus wrote,

"Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. Im so sad. There is much beyond my control right now."

In the video, Cyrus is seen with friends, smoking salvia—which carries psychedelic properties—from a bong, then breaking into giggle fits and complaining that she's experiencing a "bad trip" and complaining of "a f**king Liam [Hemsworth] lookalike" in the room."

According to TMZ, the video was filmed a mere five days after Cyrus' 18th birthday on November 23.

Well Miley is 18 that says a lot and she is bound to venture off into some crazy ish!!

A Whore gone be a Whore....

Yes she is and that is Kim Kardashian, whom I adore really I do but her switching up with all of these men are not cute! Kim Kardashian and Halle Berry's ex-Gabriel Aubry had a very short lived fling—and it seems like Kim has already taken up with someone else: basketball player Kris Humphries!

Now Kim I am going to need you to slow the hell down, it's not a cute look! Here's a thought why don't you make a man work for you? I mean put in some serious courtship! Then maybe you can find your Prince Charming, hey what the hell do I know I'm a Lesbian...
I do know that a woman such as yourself should take her time and let the man court her, now I know you may not be sleeping with them(cough) but it still looks bad!!

Could this be a CRY for Help?

Inquiring minds want to know: Ever thought of doing the Lesbian thing? Just asking!!

I Wish I Didn't Have to Say This...

Upon doing some surfing I came across pictures of Willow Smith, daughter of Jada and Will Smith. Okay now I get the name,whew I need to lay off of the Eggnog and Brandy!!

So I came across the pictures of willow who is 9 if I am not mistaking well no more than 10 but the hair style she is now flaunting ...I'm not feeling it! Yes, I know she such a beautiful little girl but this hairstyle along with some others makes her look too old!

I said it once before when I saw her with that poof on her head and when I saw her music video which I LOVED, with the exception of those eyelashes on a girl so young...

I understand she is tapping into her creative side but there is still a little girl inside of her isn't it?

I don't know now a days, a 9 year old should look like a 9 year old, she will have enough time when she grows up to wear her hair in those unflattering styles but its just my opinion but I really wish someone would step up and say something!!