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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meet Author Kezia Davis!!

Kezia Davis!!

On May 19,2010 at10:00pm CST...11:00pm EST

Meet the Author of "VISIONS OF LOVE " Kezia Davis

We will be talking with author of "VISIONS OF LOVE" Kezia Davis and discussing her anathology of Love stories in her book:VISIONS OF LOVE" We talk to Author Kezia Davis about her new book "Visions of Love" An anthalogy of Love stories! The first story in the anthology, “Through Thick and Thin” follows Celeste Morris, a woman who feels like her marriage is coming to an end. When all that she needs is someone to make her feel loved, respected and appreciated like she deserves, Dennis Frasier shows up to make her feel all that and more. Now caught between her long-time relationship and her newly-found special affair, she has to make a decision that she wasn’t prepared to make. In the tale of the “Mistress,” readers will be introduced to Konstance, a woman who found herself lost in love after nights of sleeping with her boss, a married man. All hell breaks loose when her boss refuses to leave his wife for her. Will Konstance be able to accept the complications she has created with her forbidden love? “Another Piece of Me” takes readers into the life of Desiree, who has lived in a home with no love and bad experiences. All she ever wanted is to be in love and to be loved in return. So when she meets Dewayne, an imprisoned man who treats her with affection, she finds her heart being mended together and her self-esteem back in one piece. Doing all the things for him that was imaginable, Desiree takes the risk of guess—is Dewayne’s feeling is genuine or is just another prison talk?

The Pleasure was all Mine...

I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with both Kandi Burruss and Rasheeda on May 8,2010 at Tobin's Lounge for Splash weekend and when I say these girls tore the roof off of that Place, they did just! They were very accessible and accommodating for all those who desired to have their pictures taken with them! Of course my batteries went dead in my camera but never the less I enjoyed them tremendously!!